“Unconstitutional Viewpoint Discrimination”

“Unconstitutional Viewpoint Discrimination”

A federal appeals court has ruled that President Trump may not block people on his Twitter feed, writing that “[the] First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise-open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees”. And the judges called the act “unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.”

“This decision will ensure that people aren’t excluded from these forums simply because of their viewpoints, and that public officials aren’t insulated from their constituents’ criticism,” Jaffer said. “The decision will help ensure the integrity and vitality of digital spaces that are increasingly important to our democracy.” Several of the plaintiffs celebrated the legal victory on Twitter.

That is America; another phrase enters: “unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.” I must confess that democracy is not just easy.  If someone is digitally harassing you online, and you block him, then he goes to court to get his “rights” to return to harass you; you just look. Yes, he keeps harassing you because as a public servant, you are immune to digital harassment. Hope Nigerian Senators are reading: they might have called the Police for this person who is seeking his rights to keep harassing.

Democracy – it is not as simple as it seems! Please do not harass anyone here: we do block!


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2 thoughts on ““Unconstitutional Viewpoint Discrimination”

  1. I hope those celebrating the judgment as ‘victory’ for democracy can withstand such harassment themselves? It’s always easy talk, as long as you are not the one getting the knocks, else you see how aggressive the seemingly quiet people could be.

    The firebrand congresswoman – AOC has been blocking those who attacked her, so I guess she needs to unblock them too, and then face the heat coming as a result of some her ridiculous proposals.

    People preach tolerance as long as you are agreeing with their viewpoints, but try countering them; then you are anything but decent human. The same people who preach tolerance can no longer tolerate you…

    Indeed democracy is not easy, it rarely gets anything done, because the bickering and mindless arguments are endless.

    Now a judge’s opinion has technically become a law…
    Do not try this at home.

    World of wonders!


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