University of Ibadan: Post graduate Students Charged to Embrace Digital Data Collection and Analysis Tools for Research

University of Ibadan: Post graduate Students  Charged to Embrace Digital Data Collection and Analysis Tools for Research

Researchers especially current PhD students have been enjoined to embrace digital data collection tools and analysis for improved research. This was the crux of the matter as Mutiu Iyanda, Co-Founder Infoprations Limited, engaged post graduate students and doctoral researchers at the Department of Communication and Language Arts , University of Ibadan on how to use existing digital tools to collect and analyse data so as to conduct more  credible studies and contribute to global conversation in their areas of research interest.

In what was termed as a give back to his Alma Mater, Iyanda got the rapt attention of his audience made up of both lecturers and students as he took them through the process of collecting and analysing data with digital tools such as Google Form, Google Trends, Google Alert, Google News, Tone Analyzer and Way Back Machine and Rapid Miner. The seminar, which was conducted virtually through Zoom and tagged “Collecting and Analysing Data through the Digital Space: Tools and Tactics”  involved practical demonstration of the use of these tools.

Iyanda noted the importance of the tools and how they could enhance research outcomes. He said the COVID 19 pandemic has accentuated the reasons these digital tools should be embraced either as stand-alone methods or in combination with other traditional offline research tools. The research communication consultant impressed it on the attendees that anyone who seeks to use the online data collection and analysis tools must understand data velocity, veracity, value and volume. While velocity refers to the speed at which data evolves, variety means the types of data that exists on the internet. On the other hand, veracity implies the credibility of the data being collected while value refers to the usefulness of the data collected. Volume, on its own, points to the largeness of the data to be analysed.

Earlier in his opening speech, the Convener, Prof. Ayo Ojebode noted that the seminar was aimed at strengthening the capacity of the postgraduate students in the Department. He posited that as the world has moved online, it is important for African/Nigerian researchers to have an understanding of the tools with which the data that are deposited in the virtual space could be mined. He enjoined participants to put into practice what has been learnt in the seminar series.

While speaking to our correspondent after the online seminar, the facilitator, Mutiu Iyanda said he considered it a privilege to have been invited to speak with postgraduate and doctoral students in Communication & Language Arts. He then emphasized the need for Nigerian scholars to embrace emerging digital data collection and analysis tools. This, he affirmed, would make them competitive and accepted to contribute to global research conversations.

The virtual seminar had in attendance Prof. Olayinka Oyewo, the new Head of the Department, Dr. Yinka Egbokhare, Dr. Raphael Ojebuyi and other members of the department.

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