Virtual City is a Kenyan Innovator – Positioning a Nation for Post Mineral Era

There is nothing to write in essence about this excellent innovator in Kenya – the winner of Nokia’s $1m challenge. Virtual City is a good story of how knowledge companies can redesign nations. They have a simple mission:  To Be The Preferred Mobility Solution Provider In Africa.


And they seem to be doing that just fine.

With over 10 years experience Virtual City has been able to carve a position for itself as the market leader in the development, customization and implementation of innovative mobility solutions. We have done this by being able to constantly recognize and adapt to the changing needs and growing demands of our clients by continuously developing and introducing new technological innovations into the market.


Tekedia likes one of their products – Electr.


Electr is a solution used to Automate Vote Tallying and electioneering processes so as to normalize the election process by doing away with the negative influence of delays, and subsequent upheavals and destabilization of delayed announcements of results thus consequently increasing vote reporting.


The Electr System for elections is geared towards addressing the highlighted issues and bringing accountability to the electioneering process and increase voting reporting efficiencies. The use of the system will also usher election entities and participants into complying with acceptable international standards expected of electioneering processes, especially with the magnitude of the repercussions of the botched elections.


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