We’re Investing In Africa, Send Projects

We’re Investing In Africa, Send Projects

Last week, my co-owned California-based investment banking institution, JPL Financial Group, closed a deal with Guangdong Provincial ChangDa Highway Engineering Co., Ltd (CGCD) to help the Chinese firm accelerate its vision in Africa.

JPL Financial Group is a joint venture formed by  John Lee and Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe. Mr. Lee was formerly a Senior Vice President in a big US investment bank and later a Senior Vice President with UBS International. Prof Ekekwe founded FASMICRO Group, an Africa-operating holding company.

CGCD is a state-supported enterprise, under the Central Government of China and China Central Bank. It is big in infrastructure and has been operating for over 60 years.

China Guangdong Provincial Changda Highway Engineering Co Ltd (CGCD), founded in 1952, is an extra-large engineering enterprise including design, construction, scientific research and capital operation, possessing the qualifications of super-A class for general contract on highway construction, A class for highway design and the “Approval for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights” for executing international
projects. The main business covers the construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, ports and navigation channels, railways, house building and municipal public works, highway investment and operation & management, highway investigation & design, highway maintenance, engineering equipment & machinery supply, professional training and others. Market development scatters in thirteen domestic provinces and cities including Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, etc., and foreign countries such as Mongolia, Yemen, Nepal, Pakistan, Zambia, Cambodia, D.R. Congo, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Up to now, CGCD has become a great enterprise including seven branch companies, five wholly-owned subsidiary companies, six equity participation companies, one engineering design institute and one training school.

We are looking for public sector infrastructure projects. The value must be at least $100 million, though we can consider $50 million in some specific sectors. Our funding capacity runs into billions of dollars and must be government projects. The broad terms are as follows:

  • Sovereign guarantee from the local government
  • 10% down payment by local government; we will finance the balance 90%
  • Financing is multi-year with grace period for loan payment
  • Loan interest is in low single digit
Chairman/CEO of JPL Financial Group, J Lee (left)

If your government has an opportunity or you know government that does, please reach us with the following:

  • A letter stating that your government offers sovereign guarantee for the specific project
  • A letter stating that you can provide the 10% down payment
  • An investment brief of maximum of two pages stating the big picture of the project and the estimated project cost.

Email it to [email protected]

Our team will review your project. We do not fund projects in Sudan and Somali, owing to U.S. trade restrictions.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe, PhD

Co-Chairman/President ! JPL Financial Group, USA



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13 thoughts on “We’re Investing In Africa, Send Projects

  1. Ndubuisi,please,you’ve got to work with south-south and south east governors to develop ibeno deep seaport and interconnect it with aba and all south-south states (akwa-ibom,rivers,cross river,bayelsa) and south east states through double guage railline.
    All the money owned by federal government to NDDC being looted by contractors can be used to guarantee this project and they can recover it from tariffs on services overtime,in case federal government starts their usual pussy-footing on projects in south-east and south-south.
    Intel logistics has made none port unviable for manufacturers,exporters and importers from these regions,and if you can achieve these projects,it will transform the industrial and commercial landscape of former eastern region and help to decongest lagos ports,reduce hardship for businesses in eastern region,improve their international visibility,alliance’s,and value of properties,increase investment to the east by international organisations/attract foreign investment capital easily,being monopolized by south waste now.
    It will help spread and “democratise”wealth in the east and improve investment variables in preparation for the post oil economy most of them are apparently clueless about.
    This Will in no small measure help the enyimba FTZ(proposed) in aba and port harcourt,Empower FTZ in enugu just recently approved by jonathan.
    It will also affect the viability of international airports in this zone (eastern nigeria).
    It will positively affect those power plants being built by professor Barth Nnaji in aba,they’re the geometric Aba powerline,Oma power and the rest all in aba,about five of them.
    Please,please,don’t wait for those SS&SE governors,take it to them,teach them and let them drive it,it will change the course of development in the east and reduce the carnage on the roads by people moving from east to west for economic reasons.

    1. I see it as a Nigerian project, not necessarily SE/SS. It is a Nigerian project. I am interested to fund Ibom Deep Seaport. I am not aware of this Ibeno Deep Seaport. I know of Ibom Deep Seaport. Please can you contact my team via the email on contact us. We can invite the governor or the Commissioner to U.S. or we can come. I like the seaport.

  2. Pascal Dozie is passionate about this kind of strategic development initiative for the eastern region,especially south east,I’m proposing to you.
    He’s fully involved with professor Barth Nnaji of geometric on how to make power constantly available in the south east for development purposes.

  3. ND,your group can develop rail projects connecting south east and south south,which may extend to delta state and the two zones already have formed a union or association as one people to promote and benefit from joint economic activities.
    The association is headed by akwa-ibom governor,and federal government is already indebted to them in NDDC to more than the amount needed to guarantee these projects in deep seaport in ibeno and railline connecting both regions for integrated economic activities and for export from south east growing industrial clusters and others springing up.
    It will also redirect our people to invest home,because the gas pipeline for industrial use and electricity being constructed by Obijackson group (nestoil) will complete those projects I’m proposing,seaport and railline.
    It will give life to industries in the east and competitive.
    A lot of our people are building industries outside east,especially in ogun and lagos state due to dearth of infrastructure in the east,like gas pipeline,viable deep seaport, and electricity.
    Companies like Beloxxi,Emzor,Neros pharmaceuticals,international cement company,Impacto,Cormetstar cables etc.
    All these industries are loss to graduates from institutions in this catchment areas like nsukka,uniport,FUTO,UNIZIK,UNICAL etc.

    1. I stop at all opportunities. It does not have to be Nigeria or even Nigerian SE/SS. The metric is simply African opportunities. I am looking for them, from North, East, South and West. For the fiduciary responsibility of my partners, the opportunity just have to be good: east, west, north or south. I do not really care.

      When I want to help SS/SE, that is a different game. We do try. But for this, it is AFRICAN. If you have leads, please make them concrete and reach out.

  4. I don’t mean it’s should be for the zone alone,far from it.
    What I mean is that there is currently big opportunity for such infrastructural project their now,and incidentally the governor’s of the two zones just formed an association for joint economic activities for mutual benefit of these zones.
    Currently,ibeno deep seaport is looking for preferably capable chinese and other financiers for the project,just like cross river is building new deep seaport in bakassi.
    The railline I proposed was because it already in line with stated objective of their newly formed association for economic co-operation and they have lots of funds in their NDDC,parastatal,owned them by federal government running into billions of dollars.
    It’s about creating the awareness of the possibility and advantage of your group to them,call it marketing.
    It’s like introducing your business to the association,because I doubt most of them are aware of this your group.
    It’s a project they can finance over time based on the liberal terms you outlined there and your conditions,and to my mind the projects are economically viable and good for the region in particular and nigeria in general.
    Why I brought NDDC is because ,they’re for infrastructural projects in the region,like roads,bridges,buildings and federal government is indebted to them in billions.
    Hence you’re about the same purpose,but the governor’s association formed newly can take it further if they’re aware of your group and the federal government can guarantee the projects from their indebtedness to NDDC.
    The project can even repay itself because it’s very viable here.
    The other things I mentioned are offshoot,collateral or incidental advantages from the projects.
    It’s not charity or help,its strictly business they’ll pay for and will be viable,but somebody has to market the idea to them.


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