When “Do Nothing” Becomes Strategic – Lesson from WTO

When “Do Nothing” Becomes Strategic – Lesson from WTO

Sometimes, the best solution is “Do Nothing”. For Madam WTO (future), the WTO leadership executed flawlessly. As I wrote here, when she came first in the last voting sequence against her remaining competitor, it was evident she was there. Of course, the world does not usually stick to its own rules. But instead of scoring own-goals, WTO waited – and that wait brought the results. Over time, Mrs Iweala’s competitor, who came second felt the question – how can you operate since you came second even if they anoint you? – and time magically took care of the rest. Samuel Nwite made this point brilliantly here.

In the Igbo Nation, the elders will say “ndo na-ala uwa azi” [sorry soothes all pains]. Time, also, fixes many things. In anything, we need to learn to be patient. Had WTO not frozen its calendar, bad things would have happened: they would have annoyed China & its world, and US & its own world (the world has 3 countries: US, China and others on this matter).

With President Biden endorsing NOI, magically, the US and China are now in sync. Then, the “others” can do the paperwork as usual. We congratulate Madam NOI and wish her a solid service.

In my village, we have Oriendu Market, I am looking forward to how her policies will affect our market!  Ovim (Abia state) welcomes good trade policies! Lol

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: WTO’s Strategic Wait Paid Off


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