Zenvus Loci Now Uses Tracking ID Over IMEI Number

Zenvus Loci Now Uses Tracking ID Over IMEI Number

This morning we successfully tested a new protocol that will help Zenvus Loci customers use our package tracker more optimally. Zenvus Loci is a largely disposable package tracker but engineered to be re-usable. Our first prototype tracked with an IMEI number. Everything worked perfectly. But there was a problem: if you send a package to a customer with Loci and share the IMEI number (to help him track also), the customer can use that number to track wherever the tracker is, in future, even after your business relationship with him has ended. To fix that problem, we have introduced Tracking ID which expires after every logistics/delivery session. By doing that, only the buyer knows the IMEI and with the Tracking ID, only the specific customer can track the tracker (see the images below). To our partners, we will be in touch very soon as volume production begins (still accepting partner applications in selected regions; learn more, and email team here).

Zenvus Loci is a disposable or reusable package GPS that you can put in a briefcase, cargo, personnel, etc and monitor in real time its location. We see opportunities in tracking the specific cargoes (not just the trucks), ecommerce shipments, security guards, equipment on transit, law enforcement (police, army, etc), human (child, oil workers, etc), luggage (individuals shipping via buses, personal air travel luggage, etc), vehicles (no installation), etc. It is cheaper than anything in the market and it is rechargeable with USB. It has two versions: Zenvus Loci Mini and Zenvus Loci Max

Tracking in Buyer Portal


Tracking in Guest area




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  1. That is how great products evolve, with better optimization; you simply cannot do all the vertical, horizontal and tangential thinking before the initial launch, you learn more once they are in use.

    Nice one.


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