Zido Raises $3 million, Signs $10 million Bulk Contract As It Advances African Logistics

Zido Raises $3 million, Signs $10 million Bulk Contract As It Advances African Logistics

I am a very happy village boy here. Our portfolio company, Zido Logistics, has raised $3 million to scale the mission of helping organizations fix logistics frictions. We also report that Zido has signed the largest bulk contract in its history at $10 million per year contract with one of Africa’s largest conglomerates.

Zido is an e-logistics platform that aggregates the integral shipment process in the trade and commerce sector in Africa. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions that facilitate optimum efficiencies for cargo owners, transporters and cargo recipients.

Founded at Matatu as a  keke aggregator but has since evolved into inter- and intra-city logistics innovator, Zido has demonstrated the power of vision and operational excellence in business. The company has changed its playbook, winning market share and growing rapidly. Today, it runs the largest fleet of delivery buses in Nigeria for the intra-city unit.

I am so proud of our CEO, Samuel Akinniyi Ajiboyede, who is executing our playbook, flawlessly.

If you have trucks or you want to partner on trucks, Zido is a great destination for such. We are Africa’s DNA of logistics and we have industry-leading AllView technology, giving shippers unprecedented insights, and by doing that improves transparency and visibility.

Zido, Growing Rapidly, Deploys AllView Technology To Reshape Nigerian Logistics Sector.

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