UNILAG Conference Explores Opportunities in Connected Educational Institutions

EduNet Africa 2011

EduNet Africa Conference 2011 is being hosted by the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS) University of Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Emerging Media.

Date:7th and 8th July,2011

Venue:Afe Babalola Conference Centre,University of Lagos,Nigeria



The theme for this year’s Conference is:

Exploring the Opportunities of a Connected Tertiary Institution to Pioneer Digital Revolution in Africa.



Topics to be treated by experts  during the panel discusions and keynote speeches are:


Broadband and Education: Accessibility,Affordability,Availability and Awareness.

-Exploring the e-Learning opportunities in Africa.

-Exploring the mobile Internet opportunities.

-Empowering the teaching and learning Community through digital products.

-Application Development for the Teaching and learning ecosystem.

-Cloud Computing and Virtualization

-Financing and Growing your Technology based businesses and startups in Africa.

-Effective use of Google Search Engine,the Web and application for Research and development.

-Effective use of the Social media.

-Blogging, content development and management


-Opportunities at the UN World Summit Youth Awards

-Principles of Netpreneurship and Internet brand building

-E-commerce and Digital marketing

-Opportunities in Web and mobile technology development.

-Computer Forensics and Cyber Security.

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