Apple Development Index – Nigeria ranks 142

The news is again. Apple is going to release iPhone 5. The developed world is abuzz with all the hypes that herald Apple products.  Yet, Apple has not said much. The CEO is on medical leave. Earthquake has possibly affected the supply chains from its Japanese OEMs.  Nevertheless, the rumors are everywhere, the king of gadgets are going to do it again.

But one thing is certain. Apple product release is a barometer to ascertain the standard of living of any nation. The excitements are in US, Korea, Canada, Western Europe, and other developed parts of the world. Their college students and citizens will spend hundreds of dollars or equivalents to pick a piece of packaged silicon and etched polymers. In the developing world, Apple is far from the mind.  Why? The students and citizens are very excited but the wage structure does not allow that level of societal energy to show in the stores.

Simply, people can be interested on these devices, but most times, the economics will decide what one gets. We wish that Nigeria will move much quicker in the development index so that when iPhone 15 is out, young men and women can make the buzz a reality in stores. It simply shows that people have got lesser worries than to join the Apple cult.  And when a nation joins that, that nation has got many things right. That is what we call Apple Development Index – the more a country develops, the more it cares to track Apple products and press releases. U.S. seats in the top ten of the Index, while Nigeria is #142; but in 2020 – that wonder year – we will bulldoze our way into #20 and knock out many other nations. We have got a lot to be positive about. Because it is in the law.

iPhone  – could you help us to create urgency to move our citizens out of mass poverty. We want to buy you and get excited when your news makes it in the blogosphere – in 2020.


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