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2022 has been the year of rout - in the stock market

American Tech Billionaires Have Lost $315bn Since 2021 – Forbes

2022 has been the year of rout - and it is not just for the big boys: "In a series of stock plunge involving tech companies, Netflix has lost 60% of its stock; Meta has gone down about 58%, while Google and Amazon stocks have both nosedived around 30% year-to-date in 2022, according to Google Finance."

Yes, check your 401k in the United States, you are possibly off by at least 30%. This is the invisible recession. The problem is this: this is just starting as the Federal Reserve continues to ramp up interest rates to find a way to handle inflation which they caused by unleashing cheap money into the economy.

Good People, it is the law of Newton: action and reaction are equal and opposite. Next time the governments are pumping free money, buy stocks as they rise, but once they stop, sell immediately before corrections come. Put that in your investing algorithm!


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