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32 Refinery licenses invalidated, Dangote Refinery at 80% completion

The Dangote Refinery's Request and Grand Disintermediation Playbook -  Tekedia

Dangote Refinery is about 80% completed even as we are learning that 32 refinery licenses have been invalidated. Most of those licenses are possibly those who received the license but failed to source capital to begin construction.

Thirty-two refinery project licenses issued to private investors in the country have become invalid in the past three years, according to the Department of Petroleum Resources. The DPR said on Monday that the number of valid refinery project licences stood at 23 as of March 2021, down from 44 in April 2018.

Okay, is this suppose to be a news for consumption?

Anyways,  if you went for a license for operation, at least you should have capital or were you thinking that you would be giving permit and still be funded by federal capital? Except you had hidden plans.

But this is bad. Dangote should not always be so big that he doesn't only beat people on the grounds of funds but on value offering, however, what can be done, it's business and it shows the man is doing his home work.

Sure, picking a license is not the end game. You must have the ability to raise capital and build up.