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A Coopetition and Making An EV Charging Standard

Tesla Plans to Build At Least 7,500 Public Chargers in The U.S by 2025 -  Tekedia

What is coopetition? Simply, it is collaboration between and among business competitors with the expectation that the partners will all benefit.  In other words, you collaborate even when you compete.

An example: “General Motors' electric vehicles will be able to tap into Tesla's Supercharger network, starting with 2025 models, both auto giants announced Thursday. The team-up is another win for Tesla after it sealed a similar deal with Ford two weeks ago, and it signals a shift away from the current industry-standard CCS charging port in favor of Tesla's NACS. The GM and Ford deals could net Tesla as much as $3 billion by 2030, according to investment firm Piper Sandler”, LinkedIn News reports.

In this case, Tesla  charging becomes an operating system and is now the industry standard.

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