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Access Bank Marathon Lesson

What African Investors and Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Marathons - Tekedia

Sportsmen from Eastern Africa are currently dosed with fame, moneybag and honor, and as the norm nothing short of this should be expected as the end result of the marathon. Today, in this article we would draw out valuable insightful lessons from the just concluded Lagos city marathon organized by Access bank, Kenya airways and co, with the intentions to promote healthy living, stronger relational bond and increase brand awareness.

Plan for the future: Kenya keeps running away with the bag because they have both developed the competence in the field of endeavor and are always steps ahead in their preparation for the organization months before the kickoff of the event. This is foresight in display and any intending entrepreneur with hopes to have reign should look ahead of times to see what trends are repetitive so as to seize the moment. It’s never too late to plan.

Build Fandom: Businesses don’t thrive on mere patronage, they gain dominance because brand are able to build loyalty in their customers, making them fan and having a sense of control over the brand. Just like the model of Apple the technology giant, Access bank with this yearly program is able to gain traction and publicity effortlessly because of the buzz, trend and fun that was experienced by both present customers and other who would get information on the event.

Innovation is key: The COVID-19 pandemic remains evil and should on no account be celebrated as there was massive damage to the global community in all perspective. Yet in spite of this restriction the pleasures of life should not left unenjoyed and on that the organizing community sought out means to make it fully engaging to the global community that wish to attend but are impede but diverse bottleneck. With the virtual engagement feature, the event was able to amass more than the 300 participant that were physically present giving it a flavor of fun that was never experienced before as you could run the total distance but in the route of your choice.