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Avoiding Bad Supervisors

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This can help you understand your future boss, and avoid getting into a loop you may regret, LinkedIn explains.

Job interviews aren’t just about selling your skills – they’re also the first insight into company culture and often your future boss. Assessing a management style is tough, but there are a few ways to avoid a toxic environment, writes psychologist Cécile Pichon. Knowing how you work best is key – whether you prefer autonomy or teamwork, competition or encouragement – then use questions to uncover team dynamics. For instance, asking about what makes a manager proud of the team and where they expect improvement can reveal how empathetic and honest they are.

Other questions Pichon suggests asking include:

  • What are the main qualities you expect in your employees?
  • What would my onboarding and training be like?
  • How would you define your management style?

This is coming when some companies are working hard to remove degree requirements for most jobs: "Some companies are pushing to drop degree requirements for many jobs, saying four years of post-secondary education may not actually be needed for a range of entry-level positions. The move — endorsed by top leaders such as Merck's Kenneth Frazier and IBM's Virginia Rometty — could help address inequalities in business and society, notes The Wall Street Journal. IBM has dropped a number of degree requirements for hiring in recent years, saying propensity to learn was more important than pedigree."

The last line is for me. However, in certain clime, many would override the toxic culture for the pay. Things are tough outside.