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China plans to fight with rare earth metals

How China plans to fight the world: rare earth metals. Yes, if you cannot get the materials, even if you have the equipment which you do not want to be used to make any chip designed by Huawei, it may not really matter. So, China can fight back by restricting global access to these metals which it has in abundance.

China is hitting back at the US and other countries with a new law that allows it to retaliate against countries that abuse export controls to the detriment of Chinese interests and national security. The new export control law passed by the highest Chinese lawmaking body also allows the country to restrict sensitive exports.

The law comes in light of deteriorating ties between China and other countries — mainly the United States — which are putting restrictions on Chinese technology and investments. This includes India, which has banned as many as 224 Chinese apps, and has since been looking into investment proposals from that country with intense scrutiny.

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