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Google Station Shutting Down, 2022 Prediction on Course

I have noted that mobile internet data will get to parity on pricing by 2022 when data will become affordable in Africa. Google is confirming that trajectory as it begins to shut down Google Station.  Simply, data prices are dropping fast and Google does not see any business reason to offer that service anymore.

Google is shutting down its free public Wi-Fi program, Google Station, across all locations where they currently exist by the end of this year beginning with India. According to the tech giant, part of the reasons for the decision include its failed business model and poor returns on its investments. The company also argues that data affordability and internet access has improved since it initiated the program in 2015 to help more individuals get online. From India, the company spread its stations to Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa where it launched three months ago. While Google's Indian partners RailTel says it will onboard other partners to continue the service, similar initiatives from private and public institutions will attempt to bridge the gap (TC Daily).