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Ladder - Do not climb alone.

Ladder - as you climb it, remember there is a base. Before you took that first step, someone positioned or supported it, for you. It takes a man who has risen to the highest of mountains to appreciate the lowest of valleys. Extend the hands, while on that ladder, and get more to climb, to take the next step up. It does not make you lesser human or lesser focused-professional.

Simply, our best is the wish that everyone rises, and not just one rises. It was always a beauty, as a village boy, those days, when the iroko sang, and villagers assembled, and the elders began by reminding us: "to keep this village clean, everyone must join the sweeping".

Ladder – do not climb alone.

What can truly qualify as a life well lived is when your name is mentioned, men and women of all types and creeds, far and near, and unionism proclaim that you touched their lives in positive ways.

Anything short of this, just know that you came around, occupied some space (which you never paid for), made some noise, and then departed worse than you came.

Your influence must tower above your height and size, transcending beyond your imaginations; only then will history remember you as one of the greatest humans ever lived!