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Linda Ikeji's Business Model

What does Linda Ikeji TV and Oil Money Have in Common?

This is a really nice piece on business model. Lol on the title - but that is the point. The author connected from Linda to oil price and just like that, explaining a critical element every business person needs: business model and route to market. John is a storyteller.

"What about Brazilian hair for instance? Yes, you make large margins from each sale, but make no mistake, it’s BM1 you’re operating as your market is very limited – the number of slay queens that can afford N250k for common hair is just too small....

"Finally, any business model you chose is perfectly okay. You just need to understand where you are, the limitations, and how you can take advantage of the opportunities therein. Personally though, I believe that if you want to be rich, BM1 is good. But if you’re looking for oil money, there’s no other way but BM2." J.B.

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