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Bill Gates and Nigerian Stock Exchange

Bill Gates Steps Down from Microsoft Board - Tekedia

The cash which the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has in the bank can currently buy the Nigerian stock market: "Most recent data postulates that the tech billionaire currently holds about $59.1 billion in the bank, far surpassing Nigeria’s Stock Exchange valuation of $53.7 billion (N20.4 trillion) at the time this report was drafted."

I choose not to take this as an insult, since you've chosen to compare the personal wealth accumulated by a man-bill gate- in respect to a nation-Nigeria. But, this piece holds value as we can say the man is the president and the workers are the citizens, although they may be a few distinctions. Hence, I would be bringing out valuable insights for us to learn.

1.Utilize Human Resource: from inception till date, he has mastered the Human resource components required for growth. Stating the firm with doggedness, tapping into agility and strength by using younger people to run the affairs of the business, and on-boarding older folks with maturity and experience to manage when it had grown - following the advice of Steve Ballmer his colleagues. In contrast, here there is little youth engagement, although, we saw rising stars during the military reign, however, those rising stars have become stronghold whom have chosen not to meet their maker, listen to no one, and constitutes global nuisance.

2. Be Aggressive on Knowledge: Bagging the title of anti-christ, with the consistent manifestation of his words, this is enough proof that Bill doesn't trivial knowledge, and the technocrat is heavily armed with data, and valuable insight on the trend and path of civilisation. In comparison to our beloved country, we wasted a good chunk of our time debating over the authenticity of our number citizen, secondary school leaving certificate. If then be the case, how can we say he knows, needless to say, values knowledge, which as proven to be the driver of civilisation.

3. Invest in the drivers: Innovation, Globalization (GLOCALIZATION), and Efficiency are well rooted in the conduct of his team led activities, and this has keys is proven to be the drivers of productivity. From the inception of man to this present time, we have seen that each of these contribute immensely to the rise of any region. When the steam engine came into the scene (innovation), to the adventure of electricity, dumping coal as a source of energy, to this present day when renewable energy is walking over hydrocarbons, there is a continual surge in productivity, and each of the nations that housed these factors saw a rise in the standard of living. Bill knows this and uses it as a leverageable factor. On the other hand we have not managed to route that path here.

4. Invest in enablers: In earlier times, Egypt was the center of commerce, prior to the discovery of the bronze age, hence, not because of technological advancement, however, because they had fertile land. No amount of good will and brain would thrive in a nation that lacks the enablers for growth such as political stability, infrastructure, and availability of resources. For internal stability, Bill could be said to also have mastered that considerably, because honestly, it must be noted that there were cases of power show at different times. However, for the two others, he lagged not in supply of which cannot be said of this country, from Boko Haram, to kidnappers, bandits, the list are matters of concern.

In all, we would rise. Good Evening.