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Older women are just as sexually active as younger women - Joke Silva

Today, I want to talk about a topic that is often considered taboo or sensitive, especially for women: Sex. Yes, you heard me right. Sex. And not just any sex, but sex after Menopause.

Joke Silva appeared as a guest on the newest episode of the Africa Magic docuseries, The Rabors Forever After, where she discussed the benefits of sex for older women. Surrounded by her peers, she debunked the popular narrative that men need younger women as they get older because women are more active. Silva added that the narrative is not only false, but the reality is the opposite.

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You see, there is this stereotype that also says that sexual activities become less appealing to women with age. That women lose their libido, their desire, their passion, and their pleasure as they grow older. That sex is something that only young and beautiful women can enjoy and deserve. That older women should just accept their fate and fade into the background, leaving the spotlight to the younger generation.

"Once you've gone through menopause, number one, you're more relaxed. You're not taking anything chemical—none of that. And then you're not taking chemicals for pregnancy. So, you're saying you're comfortable not being sexually active. You're so much more relaxed. There are things for dryness. Lubricants for both parties," she added.

She said, "Somebody decided to say, 'People should accept the fact that men are: one, polygamous in nature, and also the older a man gets, the younger he needs a woman because the older woman is not as active.'

Well, I'm here to tell you that this stereotype is not only wrong, but also harmful and disrespectful to women of all ages. And I have a very powerful example to prove it: the legendary Nollywood actress Joke Silva.

Joke Silva is one of the most respected and celebrated actresses in Nigeria and Africa. She has been in the industry for over 40 years, starring in countless movies and TV shows, winning numerous awards and accolades, and inspiring millions of fans with her talent and grace. She is also happily married to another Nollywood icon, Olu Jacobs. They are one of the most admired and beloved couples in the entertainment world.

But what you may not know about Joke Silva is that she is also a very vocal advocate for women's rights and empowerment. She has spoken out on various issues affecting women, such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender equality, and reproductive health. And one of the things she has been very open about is her sex life.

Yes, you read that right. Joke Silva has been very candid about her sexual experiences and preferences as an older woman.

Joke Silva is debunking the stereotype that says that sexual activities become less appealing to women with age. She is showing us that sex is not something that diminishes or disappears with age, but rather something that evolves and improves with time. She is showing us that sex is not something that only belongs to the young and beautiful, but rather something that is universal and inclusive of all women. She is showing us that sex is not something that should be shamed or silenced, but rather something that should be celebrated and embraced.

Joke Silva is not only a Nollywood legend, but also a sex-positive role model for women of all ages. She is empowering women to own their sexuality, to express their desires, to seek their pleasure, and to enjoy their bodies. She is challenging the society's norms and expectations of what it means to be a woman, especially an older woman. She is breaking the barriers and stereotypes that limit and oppress women's sexual freedom and happiness.

And I think that's amazing.

The veteran also debunked the misconception that men are polygamous by nature and therefore should be allowed to have multiple female partners. Her statements were met with approval by the 66-year-old host Betty Irabor and the other female guests present on the Interview.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Joke Silva's views on sex? Do you have any tips or stories to share on how to keep the fire burning in your relationship? Do you think we need more celebrities like Joke Silva who speak openly and honestly about sex? Let me know in the comments below!

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