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Recession is certain, time to update the playbook

Finance Minister Confesses; Nigeria “Will Go into Recession”

There was never an “if” with regards to whether Nigeria will go into recession; it is a universal thing. The big question is whether it would  be recession, Recession or RECESSION at different levels of pains? The finance minister, Zainab Ahmed, inspires as she does not play politics with data. She communicates clearly with no obfuscation. That is a good thing.

“And if we applied all that have been proposed and we are able to implement it, we may end up with a recession that is -0.4 percent. In any case, we will go into recession, but what we are trying to do is to make sure that it is shallow so that we will quickly come out of it come 2021,” Zainab Ahmed. Samuel Nwite provides context.

Now that we know that recession is certain, it's time to update the playbook.