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Samsung's Huge Separation

This is how these great companies invest. Spending $22 billion on R&D within three years is a new level of separation. How do you match such? Innovation is not a wish; money makes it happy just as good soup is made with money, they say!

From Fortune newsletter, Samsung plans to invest around $22 billion over the next three years in artificial intelligence, 5G mobile tech, car components and biopharma, the South Korean company said today. The investment, which represents a 6% rise over spending in the last few years, is intended to help Samsung grow beyond its weakening core businesses: chips and smartphones, Wall Street reports."

The Samsung conglomerate said it will invest more than $22 billion over the next three years to target such areas as artificial intelligence and auto-technology components, as it seeks out growth drivers beyond phones and memory chips.

The bulk of the spending will be earmarked for Samsung Electronics Co., the conglomerate’s crown jewel. The company is the world’s No. 1 maker of smartphones, semiconductors and televisions and last year put more toward capital expenditures than any other publicly traded company.