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Secondary Education Emergency Needed in Nigeria

This data is very consequential in many ways if truly it is factual.  Nigeria needs to call a state of emergency on secondary education if the gap has widened like this.

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Comment: Will like to see that of student that cheated versus those who didn’t first before looking at this one

My Response: You just nailed it - one reason Nigeria has faded. So, if an Enugu boy does well, a Kano girl can say he cheated - and then relax. And tomorrow a Yola girl does well in JAMB and Uyo boy says she cheated. Your reasoning here does not inspire. But it is Nigeria; I was in a Board meeting and shared sector comparison. The chairman reminded thus: "those other companies cook their books, we do not. So, we are not worried that they do better". I was stunned. You just validated that demon on this comment.

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