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Social Media Platforms Continue To Evolve

Twitter Goes “Forever” for Work from Home - Tekedia

LinkedIn is killing Stories which I have never used because it added no value. They are moving it to videos. LinkedIn introduced Stories for its members in September 2020, as part of a major visual redesign, and the feature was extended to pages in February. Now, Twitter is getting into the community game by launching Communities.

In a blog post, Twitter said, “Some conversations aren’t for everyone, just the people who want to talk about the thing you want to talk about. When you join a community, you can Tweet directly to that group instead of to all your followers. Only members in the same Community are able to reply and join the conversation so it stays intimate and relevant”.

These ecosystems are looking for more engagements and doing all possible to achieve that.

Twitter is like a parallel universe to all the other social media and this world. People who post there live in their own special reality with special rules. And the most important rule on Twitter is to say a thing that would piss off as many people as possible. This is how you get attention. I find other social media, like Instagram, way simpler to use. You just post pictures there, maybe buy some ads and new followers from famoid.com to make the account more active. And that’s it; it’s not rocket science. Social media like Instagram or TikTok help me have a good time, and Twitter just disturbs my nerves.

People who post there operate according to unique rules in their own unique universe. The most crucial Twitter guideline is to say something that will enrage as many people as you can. You attract attention by doing this. Other social networking platforms, like Instagram, are much easier for me to use. fnf mod