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The First Lady's Letter

When A First Lady Speaks for Help

I am yet to understand why the First Lady of Nigeria needs to write a newspaper for assistance to handle issues with her husband’s family members and staff. For that happening, women leaders should check if everything is well with her in her home. As I have said countless times, everyone is a victim in Nigeria - poor, rich, etc. When your husband praises his staff as supreme, and you, the wife, is saying the same staff should resign, something is wrong.

In October, a video of fracas between the first lady, Aisha Buhari and Mamman Daura families surfaced online. The intriguing confusion that followed was unbecoming of the seat of governance in a country of 200 million people.

The First Family needs cohesion for Nigeria to have a chance. Women leaders should help Mrs Buhari while men should talk to the husband to pay attention to his family. It does not show harmony for this woman to be shouting for public sympathy when the husband is the president! Yes, attack me, but my point is that if the nation’s First Lady is this lost in the rock in Aso, workers, pensioners, students, and broad citizens have no chance!