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The Glomobile Disconnection in Nigeria

It is very simple: make sure the person owing you money does not have Airtel if you use Glo. Why? “Subscribers on the network of Glomobile will no longer be able to make calls to Airtel, but will be able to receive calls.” Yes, NCC, the telecom regulator in Nigeria, wants to “disconnect” Glo from Airtel for non-payment of interconnectivity bills, punishing innocent people along the way.

In my opinion, this is an unfortunate policy. A smarter approach if NCC wants to help Airtel is to help it get a court order that any payment into Glo bank accounts in Nigeria would be kept for Airtel until the bills are settled. It can even go further, awarding Airtel 35% annual interest for unpaid bills until everything is paid in full.

Putting innocent citizens and companies who bought Glo SIM Cards in this way is not fair. We try to make simple things hard. - we need to do better!