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The Waves Blowing Dangote Refinery

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It is looking harder to see how Dangote Refinery will be a good business if New York now thinks it can be carbon-free in its electric grid by 2040. It is indeed possible that Dangote Refinery useful life may not last more than 2 decades. Of course, Nigeria is not going to have electricity anytime soon. So, no one will drive electric car. That could be a game plan for the refinery: if there is no power, electric cars will not sell, and everyone stays with fossil-fuelled cars. That will continue to happen until car makers decide to stop making fossil-fuelled cars in Japan, Germany and USA.

New York took the lead in the US fight on climate change. With Democrats currently enjoying full control of state government, governor Andrew Cuomo signed landmark climate legislation that calls for an 85% reduction in greenhouse gases from 1990 levels and a zero-carbon electric grid by 2040 (Quartz)

It would be sad if his signature project has such a short lifespan, esp as the opening date keeps shifting. Still its an important project for the country even if we arent going to get much forex savings from it as people think, it should be a source of motivation for the future generations of entrepreneurs to dream and think big. We need big thinkers and projects in the country more than ever.

Ps we are still waiting for your Dangote book.

"Ps we are still waiting for your Dangote book." Noted.

It depends on what the lifespan of the refinery is, Nigeria is not going to sort out its power deficit problem within twenty years anyway. So Dangote Refinery will still remain in business within Nigeria and its neighbours.

The only way Nigeria can be forced to adopt electric cars is if major car makers abandon fossil fuel, but it will still take another two decades from such date for all the cars to find their way to Africa; all the new cars aren't really for African markets. Average cost of new cars is around  $35K, still not affordable for many people who desire to own cars in this part of the world.

Good point for knowing that Nigeria is not a new car market. So, the fun will stop when most new cars are electric for the rich world.