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True meaning of co-opetition

Tesla Opens Charging Stations for Other Vehicles in A New Playbook - Tekedia

This is the true meaning of co-opetition: cooperating and also competing. This also means that Tesla Superchargers are becoming the industry standard and the operating system.

Drivers of Ford's electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla’s charging network starting early next year, the chief executives of both companies announced on Twitter Spaces. Existing Ford EVs will gain access to Tesla’s more than 12,000 Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada using an adapter, while Ford CEO Jim Farley also said the automaker's next-generation EVs would be made with Tesla's version of charging ports instead of the CCS plugs used by the majority of rivals in North America. Musk said in November that Tesla would open up its charging ports to other automakers, and Ford is the first major automaker to take up the offer.