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Welcome Back Chad

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Welcome back my friend Ahmadou and the good people of Chad. I hope you still know how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. The strong man has restored social media after 14 months of blackout in Chad. President Idriss Deby of Chad has been ruling since 1990. But he is not done, he hopes to keep going for another 14 years (and of course more). Please if you are in Chad, do not comment, to avoid the strong man shutting down social media again in Chad. Very shameful people we have in this continent that one man wants to rule to grave.

Welcome back Chad.

And the Idriss goes by the title of president? You can imagine the sort of elections they conduct there. It's obvious that the strong man wants to turn Lake Chad to another hermit kingdom.

The more you think that Africa and the world have made significant progress in the areas of freedom and liberty, the more you are reminded that funny creatures still abound.

World of wonders!