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Why US Suit Against Google Should Concern Apple

Why Google Investors Should Celebrate US Government Lawsuit Against Google

The US government is suing Google for allegedly breaking antitrust laws via its dominance on search. I have argued that investors should cheer the government provided the only penalty is that Google should stop paying browser and device makers like Apple Safari and Firefox. Yes, that payment is not necessary!

Because Apple gets about 20% of its profit from that payment which Google wires yearly, Francis Oguaju dropped this comment 'Apple may even take over the case from Google, and argue that the government is distorting its revenue stream, for doing what retail outlets do for fun: product positioning on shelves."

This plot makes that case: the #1 search term on Bing which comes as the default on Microsoft systems is Google. Yes, people quickly replace Bing with Google, signifying that the $billions Google is paying Apple, Firefox, etc to have Google search as default may not be necessary.