How to Reach Your Target Audience Target on Social Media

How to Reach Your Target Audience Target on Social Media

Social media is yummy. I mean the real deal for every company to build a brand identity and get unlimited exposure. 

Here’s why you should start taking advantage of social media – more than 70% of the population of the world spend their time on different social platforms. Imagine if you get yourself in front of 1% of the population of the world, ain’t that yummy? 

Of course, it is! 

However, it doesn’t come so cheap. It’s not about getting in front of the audience that sells, it is getting in front of the right audience. Take, for example, if you sell laptops, it wouldn’t make any business sense if your one million audiences are kindergarten kids. You will never sell because they don’t need it. Hence, you are racking up vanity metrics. 

What do you do to get in front of the right audience?

Want to reach more of your target audience? 




People that post weekly see two times lift in engagement with their content. Let’s think about that for a second and analyze, with just one post on social media platform a week, you can double your engagement. Now imagine what you could do if you posted DAILY!

You don’t need to go crazy and post ten times a day, posting once a day would be great. If you can’t commit to once a day, then shoot for at least three times a week. Find a balance. Look into your schedule and see the one that works for you. 




It’s also important to remember that just posting is not enough. In order to consistently make it into people’s feeds, you need to be regularly putting out good content that your followers reliably engage with. That gives you even more opportunities to reach your target audience. 

People visit social media platforms for various reasons. If you would want to get people’s attention, you must be willing to serve them consistently. This way, you are turning them to your fans. They would definitely turn out to be your target audience or get you closer to your target audience. 




Behind every phone, there’s a human. Behind every laptop, there’s a human. Engagement can not be taken away from finding your target audience. People want to feel appreciated. Engagement provides a form of satisfaction to your general audience. It makes them feel that their time and input is well appreciated. 

No matter how good your content or the number of posts you are pushing out on a daily basis; if you don’t commit to giving people that human touch through engagement, you might be wasting your time.


People are not the ATM machine you can insert your card and cash money out. If you want to get money from people, they need to see the value and treatment they are getting. 




The use of hashtags will make it easier for a certain set of audience to find you. Ensure you lookout for the trending hashtags when pushing out your posts. 

Social media is a work on its own. You have to treat it like one. 

Quick Questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Are you reaching them?

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