Incessant ASUU Strike – The Devastating Effects on Nigeria

Incessant ASUU Strike – The Devastating Effects on Nigeria

The incessant ASUU strike action is nothing new to a typical Nigerian, as it has become a normal occurrence. The Academic Staff Union Of University, ASUU, and the federal government seem to have an unending rift. They are always at loggerheads over one unpaid demand or the other.

Their differences have been likened to when “Two Elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. Both parties are known to be pointing accusing fingers at each other. Although stakeholders have disclosed that both parties are at fault. They disclosed that while the government has continued to underfund the educational sector, the Academic Staff Union Of University, ASUU are also mismanaging the funds being disbursed to them.

Recently, the union is currently on strike that has lasted close to three months, with their demand falling on deaf ears of the federal government. The students of state and federal universities continue to suffer the consequences of this recurring disagreement.

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The Devastating Effects

This incessant strike action continues to take a huge toll on the academic performance of students, especially during prolonged strikes. A lot of them who were once enthusiastic when they got admission have suddenly felt lethargic towards their academics, due to these incessant strike actions. When such passion for their academics begins to dissipate, it forces a whole lot of them to be mediocre as well as setting for less grades.

This is why most universities in Nigeria continue to churn out half-baked graduates who add little or no input to the country’s human capital. Embarking on strike causes tertiary students to spend more than the normal time on their course of study, which affects them when they get into the labor market.

No doubt age is a determinant factor in getting certain jobs, and some of them are disqualified from most entry-level jobs due to the increased number of time they spent in school due to strike actions. This makes it very difficult for most of them to secure jobs in various organizations, leaving them unemployed.

Incessant strike action also contributes to crime and immorality in society. There is a saying that goes “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop” which means that most of these idle youths as a result of these incessant strikes, add up to the already existing social vices in the society. Thus engaging in drugs, prostitution, cybercrime, illegal businesses, etc.

It is a known fact that education strongly and significantly correlates with nation-building. What this means is that a nation cannot be developed without quality education. The ASUU strike has however hindered nation-building, due to its shambolic educational system which is poorly funded. Most graduates don’t get to implement what they have learned from their institutions because of how distorted their learning process was.

A whole lot of these youths have lost hope in education, which has seen a lot of them delve into business. There is a great need for the federal government to revamp the educational system and also ensure to meet the demands of ASUU to develop its human capital. The ASUU strike no doubt has a whole lot of ripple effects in society which can pose a serious challenge to the nation.

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