Love is Good but Hate is Better

Love is Good but Hate is Better

Everyone talks about love and how much we need to cultivate a love for people of all races and ethnic groups so that the world can be a better place and we can all live in peace. That is all good and fine. But I think love is grossly overrated.

A lot of people do terrible things, in the name of love, to people they claim to love. The truth is true love is difficult to plant and even more difficult to cultivate because the conditions in our society are hostile towards that kind of love. And because, as everyone knows, love does fade. It is important to understand that it is far easier to plant and grow hate. Which is why this piece will suggest how hate can be used as a force for good and for progress.

Hate is a powerful emotion. It can start quickly and burn like wildfire. Hate is easy to find everywhere, both online and offline. It is seen in something as seemingly little as hate speech, to something as big as the different wars currently being fought across the world. But before you begin to think bad about this thing called hate, think of this: Hate is the reason some persons choose not to drink alcohol – they just can’t stand the taste! They hate it. Hate is also the reason men and women of integrity choose not to cheat or defraud others – they just can’t stand the thought of doing that to another person!

Since hate appears to be so abundant in our world, wouldn’t it be easier to achieve our goals of human progress if we all properly channeled that hate inside of us? What if we all grew that hate inside of us and directed it towards corruption, towards not getting along well with a fellow human, towards waste of our human and material resources on an individual and on a global scale, towards placing material gains over and above everything else? That would be a terribly good thing, all driven by that feeling we tend to deny is somewhere within us – hate.

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