mHealth Apps Will Top 500m Users in 4 Years. Where is Nigeria Today?

There is not genius in saying that mobile Apps could be disruptive to many industries and then provide great opportunities to others. Healthcare will benefit immensely from that. mHealth will provide a fluidic and simply way for telemedine to take effect. A new report tries to evaluate this impact and how many people will be affected.


This report provides data, key market figures, technology trends and social trends and analysis on the mobile health market. It highlights and discusses strategies that mHealth market participants should consider in order to become successful players in the market, and is targeted towards multiple groups: traditional healthcare players like pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, medcomms, healthcare industry consultants, medical and government organizations as well as app developers, app store operators, mobile network operators and other new entrants to the healthcare market.


The Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015 covers three key market dimensions:

A) The smartphone market:
The report describes the smartphone applications market in detail and includes data and analysis of all the relevant aspects that will facilitate a clear understanding of the market today.


B) The current state of the mHealth smartphone applications market:
Taken in the context of the market as a whole, the report describes and analyzes the mHealth applications market. The report investigates mHealth applications as a function of the total number of applications, the kinds of applications available, the relative size of the various categories and so on. The reader will gain a comprehensive picture of the state of the mHealth market.


C) mHealth outlook 2015:
Through an analysis of key trends and on the basis of a comprehensive survey the report maps out the future development of the mHealth applications market. The market is dynamic, and the changes that will be seen are described, so as to allow for informed strategic planning for both traditional health industry providers and new entrants to the market.


Nigeria has many opportunities in this area. It is simply going to get bigger. Those that get into this in time will reap immense opportunities. mHealth is the future and that is where the convergence will come. By working hard to provide a system and empower women and children, it could open a new innovation paradigm in how medicine is practiced in the nation.  But it has to start and right now, the game is not up!


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