Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA – Syllabus, NGO Package, Installment Payment, Custom Assignment

Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA – Syllabus, NGO Package, Installment Payment, Custom Assignment
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Invent, innovate and drive organizational transformation, performance, and growth. Capture emerging opportunities in changing markets while optimizing innovation and profitability. Digitally evolve your business or functional area, turning digital disruption into a competitive capability and advantage. Master the concepts of building category-king companies and thrive.

I am launching a mini-MBA* via my blog, the Tekedia Institute. I invite you to register ($140 or N50,000 naira). This program is a 4-month weekly program, beginning Feb 10, 2020. It will comprise videos, flash cases, written materials and webinars delivered online. When we finish, we will issue a certificate from the Tekedia Institute. 

Register and join us. You will emerge transformed with tools and capabilities that engineer confidence, performance and growth.  Accelerate your leadership ascent with me! .

We have received many emails from the community asking about the mini-MBA program I mentioned here. Certainly, we do not run any formal MBA program. My point is simply that by reading Tekedia, people do develop and accumulate capabilities that could help their careers.

At the moment, I do run a program which is designed for senior executives in companies. It is expensive I must note. The program is structured for these leaders to reach out anytime and discuss business issues. Think of being a professional confidant, assisting them as they work on the mechanics of business systems. It is subscription-based and goes for thousands of dollars yearly. These leaders also receive regular perspectives on what we see in their sectors and on their firms. Through this mini-MBA, I want to share those insights with more people.

How To Register: 

  • PayPal: follow this link and pay $140 US dollars.
  • Bank transfer (Nigerian naira): Pay N50,000 into any of GTBank 0114016493, UBA 1019195493. Account owner: First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics.
  • Flutterwave: follow this link (naira) or this one (USD) to use your Verve, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc cards across Africa and beyond (you can use same links for other currencies, please ask for exchange rate before payment if not on Naira or USD)..

After payment, email [email protected] with participant’s name and email to complete the registration.

Theme: Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies


Over the last few decades, digital technology has emerged as a very critical element in organizational competitiveness. It has transformed industrial sectors and anchored new business architectures, redesigning markets and facilitating efficiency in the allocation and utilization of factors of production. The impacts have been consequential: nations like Nigeria are moving towards knowledge-based economic structures and information societies, comprising networks of individuals, firms and states that are linked electronically and in interdependent relationships. In this program, we will examine this redesign within the context of fixing market frictions and deploying growth business frameworks in a world of perception demand where meeting needs and expectations of customers are not enough.

Program Time: Feb 10 – June 10, 2020

Venue & Format: Online via videos, articles, webinars, and flash cases. Program is self-paced which means you consume the materials at your own time and pace.It is completely online. You will have something to complete within 7 days. You decide when you do that within the window. Where you live or your time zone would not be an issue as program is not live-delivered.

Cost: US$140 (N50,000 naira) (20% discount for bulk registration of at least four)

Program Structure: The program structure is presented below

Theme: Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies
Week Focus Components
Feb 10 Business Mission, Growth through Innovation Reading (R), Flash Case (F), Video (V), Challenge (C)
Feb 17 The Grand Playbook of Business Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Feb 24 Evolving Business Models, Digital Frameworks & Strategies, Positioning Strategies Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Mar 2 New Technologies, Growth, Disruptive Innovation

–          Blockchain/Cloud (Uchi Uchibeke, SecureKey, Canada)

–          AI (Toyin Arowolo, African Re Corp, NG)

–  Cloud (Gbolaro Oshun, Oracle Cloud Consultant)

– Data Management, Big Data & Analytics, Data Systems (Adewole C Ogunyadeka, PhD, esure Group, UK)

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Mar 9 Market Synthesis, Ecosystem State, Digital Perception Marketing (stimulating new markets) Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Mar 16 Capital Markets, Investing & Fundraising

–          Azeez Lawal (Capital Bancorp Plc, Nigeria)

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Mar  23 Develop a New Growth Model or Digital Operating Strategy for company you work (Lab) Instruction { Report Output}
Mar 30 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustaining Competitive Advantage & Transformation – Gloria Gowal, HEC Paris France

Product Development, Product Market Fit – Samuel Ajiboyede,

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Apr  6 Sales Management, Marketing and Growth

–          Moby Onuoha (Queen’s University, Canada)

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Apr 13 New Product/Service Development, Process Improvement and Leadership in Business – Dr. Ayodeji Oyebola (Emmright Consulting, USA Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Apr 20 Innovation Lessons: 5in5 (5 Firms in 5 Sectors) – Africa, Global -with Olumide Durotoluwa (Greenergie Solutions), Douglas O. Chukwuekwe (LargePlaceTech).

Digital Transformation – Olayemi Popoola (Reliance Infosys)

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Apr 27 Accounting, Building Sustainable Enterprises

–          Gbenga Bamiji, FCA (Fasmicro Group, USA)

Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
May 4 Develop a New Product/Service for company you work (Lab) Instruction, { Report Output}
May 11 The State of the Tech Nation.

Human Capital Management – Uchenna Anyanwu (Talgen Business Solutions)

Address, Challenge
May 18 Emerging Opportunities (Africa, Global); Supply Chain Management, Global Partnership & Contracting with Adebayo Adeleke (ex-US Army) Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
May 25 Driving Profitable Growth, Marginal Cost, Scaling Reading, Flash Case, Video, Challenge
Jun 1 Develop a Project Roadmap for company you work (Lab) Instruction {Report Output}
Jun 8 The Call to Execution (Summary) Reading , Video
Jun 10 Report , Closure
Lead Facilitator: Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe 

*Challenge, not graded; Participants keep Report (we respect IPs; will finalize best ways to send feedback later). For what R, F, V and C mean, click here.

(The ones without names would be exclusively handled by our internal faculty led by Ndubuisi Ekekwe. All Saturdays have Discussion Webinars of two hours; the contents would be recorded for replay. )

(The ones without names would be exclusively handled by our internal faculty led by Ndubuisi Ekekwe. All Saturdays have Discussion Webinars of two hours; the contents would be recorded for replay.)

Target Audience: This program is designed for  professionals across functional areas like sales, marketing, technology, administration, strategy and finance across all business sectors.

Learning ObjectivesTo innovate is to set a new basis of competition in an economy, business sector or market. Most times, it results to disruption. This program is designed for private (large, SMEs, startups) and public institutions. Participants will:

  • Master the mechanics of digital growth – the reward of innovation – through frameworks, cases and evolving strategies.
  • Understand how to undergo digitization journey that is fully aligned with corporate objectives through measurable and realizable benchmarks.
  • Acquire business capability tools that do not just RUN their firms but can TRANSFORM them.
  • Design corporate growth experiments in Lab sessions based on One Oasis Strategy, Aggregation Construct, Double Play Strategy, Accumulation of Capability Construct, and more.

Facilitator:  Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe invented and patented a robotic system which the United States Government acquired assignee rights. Dr Ekekwe holds two doctoral and four master’s degrees including a PhD in engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, USA. He earned undergraduate degree from FUT Owerri as his class best student. While in Analog Devices Corp, he co-designed an accelerometer for the iPhone. A recipient of IGI Global “Book of the Year” award, a TED Fellow, IBM Global Entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Prof. Ekekwe has held professorships in Carnegie Mellon University and Babcock University, and served in the United States National Science Foundation Committee. The South African press called him “a doctor of innovation” for helping organizations on the mechanics of business innovation, strategy and growth. Since 2009, the Chairman of Fasmicro Group which controls many startups and entities has been writing in the Harvard Business Review.

Sample certificate used in Tekedia Webinar


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*the use of *mini-MBA does not make this a degree awarding program. This does not offer any credit by any institution. Tekedia Institute is a learning platform and is not licensed by National Universities Commission or any global equivalent to award any degree, including MBA. 

1. Register for Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe's Mini-MBA (4 months, online, costs $140 or N50,000 naira ). Begins Feb 10 2020.
2. Invite Ndubuisi Ekekwe to keynote your event (click for past videos) OR facilitate Innovation & Growth Workshop in your organization. Fees apply.
3. We offer Advisory Services (technology, digital transformation, growth strategy & innovation) to startups and companies of any size.
4. Startup Founders/CEOs, apply to my Private Client Services: Startup Growth today.

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  1. Hello. If this program starts on a weekday and is for professionals, how are we supposed to join the class? What time does the class start? Do classes hold during the weekend?

  2. Thanks for this opportunity. It will be an honor to be a pioneer student of Tekedia Institute. I see it been seek and rush after in very near future. Currently doing an MBA with one f the Business school in USA (online) with Modules, i guess it will be similar.

  3. Great Job Prof. Ndubuisi. Since it is Online, would there be any Skype/Teams Sessions to meet and have conversations with the Facilitators? Thank you.


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