My New Book, “The Dangote System”, Is Coming Out in June

My New Book, “The Dangote System”, Is Coming Out in June

My new book, “The Dangote System: Techniques for Building Conglomerates”, is arriving in June 2020.  This is not a biography book; I have no time for such.  The book focuses on Aliko Dangote’s business and what we can learn from his System. Yes, how a trader, who started like others, became the most important man in African business sphere, and in the process controlling one of the largest industrialized conglomerates in the world.

I am a fan of Dangote just like I am a fan of Tony Elumelu, Jim Ovia, etc. Yes, I am a fan of you – anyone that finds a way to take action instead of just talking and ranting. This book will examine the business philosophy of Dangote, a man I have met many times and know pretty well.

This book arrives June 22, 2020, the day we will begin a new class of Tekedia Mini-MBA. Our participants will have access to its audio and text contents as complementary. The Dangote System is a mega case study for our second edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA (register here).


Register for next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 22 - Oct 22, 2020) here. Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira .

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4 thoughts on “My New Book, “The Dangote System”, Is Coming Out in June

  1. I can’t wait to get the book, sure going to be very enlightening and copy able with personalized tweaking.

    Thanks Prof for your unsurpassed knowledge and willingness to teach and share.

    God bless.

  2. I am patiently waiting to get started with Tekedia MiniMBA-2 . I am strongly convinced that it will be a mind blowing paradigm shift for me.


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