Nigerian Youth Must Have A Shift In Their Mindsets

Nigerian Youth Must Have A Shift In Their Mindsets

The problem in our country, Nigeria, is more than leadership. Of course, I can not overlook the mess the leadership of the country has brought upon us. They are the reason why we are still way behind. But when you look at the citizens that make up the country, you will be wondering if we can ever get it right.

Go on our roads and see how common citizens treat one another. You will be surprised. Even the traffic lights are not being obeyed until a police officer is assigned to arrest the offenders. I wonder what good things can come from a nation that her citizens are not law-abiding.

There are some basic rules and regulations that every citizen must obey. In fact, it is for our own good, but you would hardly see anyone who wants to obey these rules. The mindset of fighting and competing for everything has eaten deep into our hearts that we always see the simplest things as the hardest. Hence, we are ungovernable.

I know many people will disagree with my point of view. It is fine, as long as I am saying the truth. I wrote an article about corp members being posted to a church for their Primary Place of Assignment, but the reaction I got from it was really discouraging.

Some people who claimed to be well educated saw nothing wrong with it. I even read a comment that says, ”There’s nothing wrong with being posted to a church. In fact, some churches pay corp members very well. It pays to serve God.”

That comment summed up everything about the country. We are so deep-rooted into religions that we often neglect some basic principles of life.

Our youths are living in fantasies. Only a few are living the real life.

Here’s a question I have for anyone who thinks that serving in a church is better – ”what practical experience would a graduate acquires in such a work environment?

The country has gotten to a stage where everyone has to be creative and tactical in the labour market. Expecting a graduate to serve in a church simply because he or she wants to obey God is a joke.

If we go with Biblical setting, David did not just sit at home to be crown the King. He went into the bush and killed bears several times. He protected his father’s lambs and was diligent. At the same time, he polished his musical talent. David was really hard working and never lived a life of mediocrity. A good reason why God saw him as a perfect fit for the throne.

I think we are getting it wrong in that aspect. I am never against anyone serving God, but it has to be a choice. Let’s call a spade a spade. We want graduates that can solve real-life problems in Nigeria. We want graduates that can think outside the box and offer logical and usable solutions in the country.

We need to stop hiding behind religion. So many people have become lazy by hiding behind religion. Religion is not stupidity. Neither is religion equal to laziness.

Our youths are lazy. They love free things. Why do you think they follow these politicians? It is simple – they love the free money and food being shared at every political meeting.

Of course, poverty is in Africa. I understand that it is easier for anyone to deceive the masses by offering them freebies. But the truth be told, we need a total shift in mindset. We need to start believing in practical ideas and not sit and hope for God to do everything for us.

Common! God has given us the brain. What else do we need? I stand to be corrected – until we understand that nobody can give us the life that we want except us, we will keep living a life of mediocrity.

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