Learner-Managed Investment Fund and Portfolio Management


The Learner Investment Fund and Portfolio Management program is designed to provide learners hands-on experience in performing investment research, investing capital, and managing a portfolio during studies in Tekedia Institute.  In the academic component, the program prepares learners to master the institutional structure and fundamental concepts of asset valuation in financial markets, using analytical tools to study the valuation of different types of securities.  Fundamentally, learners are equipped to understand investment theory, portfolio development and management.

The program is divided into core four phases – Investment Fundamental and Tools, Laboratories and Research, Investment Execution, and Lessons Learned. The first edition will begin on March 6, 2023 for 12 weeks (covers the first three phases), and about 6 months later, the learners will reconvene, for another 3 weeks (covers the last phase).

For Tekedia alum, it is N180k (or $400); for non-alum, a prerequisite program is required (Tekedia Mini-MBA, Tekedia Industries, Tekedia Practice, or Tekedia Startup Masterclass). For the program curriculum, cost and other details, visit the program page here to register.

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