Tekedia Learning Programs

Here are Tekedia learning programs:

1. Tekedia Mini-MBA

Sector- and firm-agnostic open program comprising videos, flash cases, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, written materials, webinars, etc delivered exclusively online over 4 months, by a global faculty coordinated by Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe. All contents are self-paced, recorded and archived which means participants do not have to be at any scheduled time to consume contents.

Edition 2 (June 22 – Oct 22, 2020): Registration begins April 1, 2020. The edition website will go live on the same day.

  • Cost: US$140 (N50,000 naira) per person
  • Add extra (optional) $30 or N10,000 if you want us to review and provide feedback on your labs.

You can pay via any of these payment options and we will get you into the program immediately.

NB: Registration to this edition 2 before April 30 gives you access to any Facyber Certificate program for free. Facyber offers online cybersecurity programs on policy, technology, management, forensics, etc.

Edition 1 (Feb 10 – June 10, 2020): You cannot register for this program at the moment. Please register to join Edition 2.

2. Tekedia General Management Program (Tekedia GMP)

The same as Tekedia mini-MBA but customized for a specific organization with flash cases, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, etc developed around the firm and its sector. Challenge assignments and labs not graded. This program accepts registrations from organizations (companies, startups, governments, trade associations, students union, schools, hubs, incubators, accelerators, etc) at any time. In other words, once we receive payments, we begin it for firms. A dedicated digital board is created for the organization for its selected staff or all staff, and through our facilitation, we help the firm on the innovation process and discovery.

Your team will discuss and stimulate new and deeper ideas on this private board for your company, under the guidance of our faculty. We provide dedicated learning communities in these areas:

  • Financial Services (Fintech, Banking, Insurance, etc)
  • Supply Chain (Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain, Shipping, etc)
  • Manufacturing (all areas like beauty care, FMCG, agro-processing, construction, agriculture, etc )
  • Energy (oil, gas, renewable, utilities, etc)
  • Services (consulting, ecommerce, tourism, retail, healthcare, education, media &entertainment, etc)
  • Telecom (telcos, ISPs, network operators, etc)
  • Public Sector (government, agencies, ministries and departments of governments)
  • Start-ups (sector agnostic, focusing on the mechanics of building category-king startups)

Cost per company: US$10,000 or local equivalent

3. Tekedia Advanced Management Program (Tekedia AMP)

Everything in GMP with the addition that Challenge assignments and Labs are graded.

Cost per company: US$12,500 or local equivalent