SMS One Conquers Reach, Speed, Predictability and Cost with Technology

Sms one® provides innovative and interactive wireless application services to a broad range of operators and enterprises, allowing them to conquer the complex challenges of reach, speed, predictability and cost.


Today sms one® is one of the leading Mobile information service providers in Uganda. we have gained the respect of many of the major GSM operators like Zain Sierra Leone, MTN Uganda, Uganda Telecom, Zain Uganda and Warid Telecom.


Sms one® is a leader in the development and deployment of Value Added Services (VAS) over SMS, MMS and WAP/GPRS, & IVR platform. With this dedicated team of software designers and engineers, we have been constantly designing, developing and operating highly innovative commercial wireless applications for enterprises and Cellular Network Operators.


Our time tested SMS & MMS Delivery Platform offers a wide range of interactivity for communication, information and entertainment services. Deployed at various locations, our 100 plus gateways & servers are catering for over one million subscriber handling over 2 million messages.


The platform exploits sms one® developed Virtual SMS Browser and allows session based interactive applications to be launched. Multilingual interface with English and Most of the local languages spoken in the Uganda. This enables wider user acceptance levels.


Our Info services empower Cellular Network Operators to offer on demand and real time infotainment updates and content services to their subscribers. Sms one® has a capability to manage both MO & MT based billing with subscription and credit management. Leveraging the field of M-commerce, media, branding, Mobile Banking, Mobile Vending, Mobile Marketing, Mobile-Aid and Interactive TV solutions have been the very first in the region, creating awareness and setting trends in wireless transactions. sms one® with its 24/7 Support & Helpdesk provide round-the-clock online support to the partner’s Network and Operations teams ensuring high level of service maintainability at all times


SMS One has undertaken extensive research and analysis of the market to ensure the right solution. A company bringing you a new experience.


Sms one® is a UCC licensed Communications Company based in Uganda, riding on wide experiences of world telecom; we are one of the pioneers in Wireless Applications Services in Uganda.

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