The Amazing FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub, Lagos

The Amazing FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub, Lagos

On Saturday, I spent the day in a new innovation hub in town – FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub. This hub is a gift from Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) alumni community to support fresh graduates out of our university or those that plan to pursue entrepreneurial journey. The hub has sections – Inspiring Workspaces, Support Services, meeting area and a board room – everything is free for those associated with FUTO. With a recording studio, we do hope to unlock creativity also.

Unlike the typical hub we are used to, this one is structured for all sectors. I met a FUTO graduate who left her job in one of the big telcos to build a show company with a new layer – customized post-production. Yes, one shoe, with layers and you may think the person has four different shoes. Everything is done by swapping the top part depending on how you feel on the day! It is an amazing post-production innovation.

We faced challenges but we remained determined to move ahead because this cause is noble. A very noble cause because if we cannot find a job for everyone, we believe that we can provide a platform for members to flourish. We know that many fresh graduates, start-ups, and ideas holders are faced with the challenges of getting good office space, conducive thinking and working environment, business equipment, admin supports services, etc.

Besides the facilities, the elders are amazing. One runs the latest indigenous oil inspection company in Nigeria. One is a GM in a top-three African bank and another has a company that employs hundreds. I watched as these elders dish out insights and business secrets while awarding contracts to these young FUTOites to give their startups momentum in the market. 

I am so proud of the leadership of our alumni community for funding this noble vision. I am sure with the location friction out, most FUTO graduates will rise further. This hub will run specialized training by bringing in experts from Google, GE, Dangote, Layer3, and other companies.

Personally, within a month, once I get to U.S., I will syndicate a feeder system with the hub with an amazing technology company arriving Nigeria. It will help to strengthen the quality of special skill development while opening avenues to place people on opportunities. 

Let me thank  Dr Andrew Ejayeriese, Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala OON, Jesse Anyanele, Rex Mafiana, Ndubuisi Chijioke, Felix Chukwu, Anslem Chukwuka, Philian Duru, Nnamdi Agukwe, Ifeanyi  Ajaebili, MKO Balogun, Engr Baylon Duru, Jesse Anyanele, Collins Opara,  etc for this.

Well done our Alumni leadership. 


  • Innovation Hub
  • 15 Ayinde Giwa Street
  • Lagos, LA
  • Nigeria


So many questions on the FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub. The Charter is simple: it is structured for FUTO alumni and students but that does not mean that non-FUOTites are excluded. Simply, if you want to use the hub, and not a FUTOite, you must find a FUTOite as a material partner on your project. That FUTOite will then help your team to qualify to use the hub. You can ask Collins who coordinates it for the alumni.


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2 thoughts on “The Amazing FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub, Lagos

  1. It’s amazing what communities of such could do, innovation hub?, I must say it’s super duper cool.. But I was wondering why it wasn’t in IMO state, but little did I forget that FUTO is a federal construct.
    Well done.


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