The Solution to Ending Corruption in Nigeria

The Solution to Ending Corruption in Nigeria

If we stay united, we can end corruption.  

I sat down and thought about the level of corruption in this country. Although it is not only in Nigeria, we have in other countries as well. People no longer see any wrong in corruption. I learned that in the olden days, it’s impossible to take what doesn’t belong to you. But now, as the world is changing, so is the level of corruption on the rise.

Corruption started from when we were kids. At home, we see favouritism displayed by our parents. In school, we see different types of examination malpractices. People want to pass without reading likewise, they want to get rich without working hard. They forgot that wealth without sweat is like a house without a foundation.

We all know that corruption is common amongst our politicians. But not only amongst them, but it is also very rampant in every sector or organization.

Corruption is a form of dishonesty or an illegal act undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire illicit benefit, or, abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement of public properties.

Types of corruption

Political corruption: This is very common. Political corruption is the abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government officials for personal gain, by extortion, soliciting or offering bribes. It can also take the form of office holders maintaining themselves in office by purchasing votes or overriding laws. We all read how Abacha embezzled our money through political means. Also, the minister of petroleum embezzlement of money which is very acerbic. This is the highest level of corruption and it all starts right from our childhood.

Educational corruption: Corruption in education is a worldwide phenomenon. Corruption in gaining admissions to universities is traditionally considered as one of the most corrupt areas in the educational sector. We have lecturers who collect money from students in order to pass them. Sexual Assault on female students is rampant in the university as well. Many female students are facing hell in the hands of these lecturers. I know a sister that left school because of the sexual harassment from a lecturer.

Religion corruption: The world is in a mess because of this particular type of corruption. This level of corruption is not supposed to be found in religious organizations, but it is a shame to see this more often in churches and mosques. Fake pastors and Imams lying and looting the peoples’  hard-earned money. Religious leaders sleeping with their members. What a shame!

Favoritism and nepotism: Favouritism and nepotism is the father of all corruption. It exists in all the types of corruption listed above. Especially in a work environment, employees being deprived of promotion. We see many bias and prejudice in the recruitment processes. CEO/Recruiters hiring or promoting a family member or staff member to a role not qualified/suitable for, all because they belong  to the same political party. It is rampant amongst the political leaders.

When I looked at all these forms of corruption, I doubt if corruption can ever be eradicated in our beloved country, Nigeria.

Although, nothing is impossible. It can be eradicated if we put our minds together and come as one and stand against it.

We need to unite to end corruption.

Unity conquers all no matter the circumstances. Our president cannot do it alone. He needs our support.

A better Nigeria starts with me.

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