Winning with Dangote System through Dominant Accumulated Capabilities (Videos)

Winning with Dangote System through Dominant Accumulated Capabilities (Videos)

Many have written for more on Dangote Group after this piece titled “The Accumulation of Capability Construct – How Business Empires Are Built (Video)”. Sure, I have written about Dangote Group Strategy, Dangote Group Conglomerate Tax, etc.

This one explains with video how you can get government support, mimicking Dangote Group.

This one examines with video the Dangote Strategy and how you can play it to the summit.

This one explains how you can use Dangote playbook to defeat it as Indomie Noodles did on Dangote Noodles.

This then explains an analysis of a presentation Dangote (the business legend) made in a Forum I attended.

I actually have a complete manuscript on Dangote strategy. Yet,  I want to continue to refine the understanding before I hit the publish button on the book.

As you may expect, I have four major workshops to run in the coming days. Dangote Group is always my best case to the FMCGs and industrials. For startups, we use other firms.

1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA here (Aug 10 - Dec 3). Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira. We also have Certificate courses on logistics, startups, career dev, etc.
2. Read my new book, The Dangote System: Techniques for Building Conglomerates.

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