You May Need A Psychologist When Your Team Cannot Execute

Most companies in a typical industry do similar things. That is good since the products and customers are similar. We have win-win strategy and coopetition where we mutually cooperate to preserve our entities. Unfortunately, that carries too much risks. An outsider can attack one model and the whole industry is disrupted.


In brand management, do not herd and follow the crowd. Do something unique. When everyone is giving away products, hold on and when they are holding on, give. In the airline industry, most of the firms herd and most are in trouble. The Irish Ryanair does not herd; it separates itself. It started charging bag fees when none was ready for that. It does crazy things, but it has lessons for all industries.


Then a South African has a solution if your staff cannot EXECUTE  mutability management; take them to a psychologist.


The psychologists of 4C Consulting specialise in psychometric assessment, coaching and personal/professional development. Candidate employees  can undergo psychometric assessments at 4C Consulting in order to determine the fit of the individual to the company culture and the fit of the company to the individual’s profile. 4C Consulting further assists HR department with personal/professional development of employees as well as coaching upcoming managers.


Of course, a well structured leadership program will help any organization develop a new generation of leaders. But using physiologists, Tekedia has no comment there.



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