2020 – Reasons To Be Optimistic

2020 – Reasons To Be Optimistic

There are so many reasons why one should look into the new year with a lot of hope and optimism. For a fact, the year 2019 has been an interesting year so far and as we count down the hours,minutes and seconds you can take a moment to reflect on what kind of year it has been.

In April , we saw the first picture of the black hole after decades of speculations as to what it might really look like. A ground breaking discovery if you ask me, that would help unravel further some of the long hidden secrets of the universe. Thanks to Kathrine Bouman for playing her part.  She applied emerging computational methods to push the boundaries of imaging technology.Among her contributions is the development of an algorithm which was instrumental in obtaining the image, known as Continuous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch priors(CHIRP).

It was also a year for the underdogs also as we witnessed one of the biggest upsets in boxing history when Andy Ruiz Jr knocked out our very own Anthony Joshua to become the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion of the world beating all the odds stacked up against him

We also saw Liverpool do the unbelievable by  overturning a three goal deficit to eliminate Barcelona in the UCL semi final,  all thanks to a corner brilliantly taken by Trent Alexander Arnold. We also saw the Tiger gets back to the Woods as he (Tiger Woods) won his fifth Masters title finishing at 13-under par after eleven years in obscurity.

In medicine we saw the introduction of smart inhalers .A nice example of how IoT has become a necessity  in virtually all spheres. The first inhaler equipped with sensors that connect to a mobile app via Bluetooth. The sensors in this inhaler register when the instrument is used to keep track of respiratory flow. These data can help guide physicians on treatment options for patients with respiratory illnesses and facilitate more informed physician-patient dialogue.

Then the Wireless brain sensors which works by detecting brain temperature, and intracranial pressure,.They help to monitor neurological fluctuations and enhance cognitive function an important discovery that has helped in the cure of Parkinson’s disease.

It was also a good year for Opay, Zenvus, Vertifly and many other industry players within the country. Looking ahead at personal level individuals have bagged endorsements, additional certifications, mastered new skills, started a business or have become wiser and more aware of their immediate environment which is a skill which is highly important and vital for the survival of individuals and businesses in their ecosystem but is more often than not neglected in acts of sheer ignorance.

Forget the secular chronological cycles marking achievements as seen through calendars pointing to the idea that a new decade is here, the real nature of timelines are cyclic and circular with infinite lines of symmetry(just like a circle).  There are an infinite number of points to start counting beginnings and ends . The end of a calendar year or decade doesn’t necessarily mean that all processes and events longs standing have been rounded up .Some just began, some are half way through, others are almost done .

Perhaps it is important to say that progress is a continuum with infinite start and finish points all stretching across all boundaries both real and imaginary so long as we keep building up. A wonderful reason to look forward to the coming year happily and expectantly knowing it is a gift and rare privilege just being there alive to witness another beautiful day. Happy new year.

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