I Want To Wish Everyone A 2020 Of Abundance

I Want To Wish Everyone A 2020 Of Abundance

As we cross into 2020, I want to tell you something: you are more than ready to go and discover that moment. Yes, you are already capable. Very soon, 2019 would be history and 2020 offers a promise to go out there and make it happen. 2020 must be the year we take out self-pity, lack of confidence, and the thinking that everyone else is better. Be bold and have confidence, even as you show humility, and respect people. 

When the opportunities come, never think that anyone else is more qualified. If you take only the jobs you are evidently ready on Day 1, you will never grow. The ability to get into the discomfort zone and stretch your capabilities is one element that would anchor your career growth. All those CEOs were not born with CEOs in their names. 

Look into the horizon, see yourself higher up there. Fill your mind with optimism and unlock positive energies to win your future. If you succumb that nothing will be better, your days would live that for you; I hope you do not take that option.

Watch an Nnewi boy – though he might not have finished secondary school, he believes that he can accomplish anything. Build car companies, large cable factories, spare parts factories, etc. For most, excuses are not in their dictionaries. And that is why Nnewi is the most successful clan in business, in Africa, per capita. That “can do spirit” is what we need in 2020.

I want to wish everyone a 2020 of Abundance.


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