21 Century Marketing That Works

21 Century Marketing That Works

The world has come a long way. From mass media like radio, TV and OOH (billboard) advertising, which are very much like talking to a crowd of people all at once, to more personalized forms of marketing like email marketing.

Email marketing uses automation software to deliver personalised messages to different target audiences. It relies on expert copywriting to reach its readers and is crafted to speak to the pain points of old, new, and prospective customers. To be effective, your emails must be read, and they must make readers take the desired action. Companies who have taken advantage of this medium have had great success. Plus, it is a very cheap way to do some selling. But you need to make sure that you target the right audience so that your emails are not seen as spam. Another new school marketing tactic is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is another way to gain a massive brand following and easily market your product or service. Influencers in the digital space have millions of followers who adore them and are generally ready to go where their idol goes and do what their idol does. Any company selling a product that aligns with what the influencer stands for can easily get loads of buyers via influencer marketing. Another new marketing tactic is content marketing.

Content marketing is yet another way to get the attention of your audience and get your products into the lives of ready consumers. All it requires is a good story that is relevant to your target market and a subtle insertion of your marketing message in the body of the content. Of course, content marketing is not just about words and pictures, videos are also a part of content marketing. In fact, all the points I will discuss in this article stand on the foundation of content.

Don’t they say content is king?

Video content is a great way to share engaging pieces with your audience. People enjoy watching creative, short, entertaining videos and are likely to share them with their network online or talk about them. The more connected they feel with your video story, the more likely they are to engage with it. But you must not forget to make it in such a way that the first three seconds of it gives them a reason to keep watching.

What other new school marketing tactics have you found helpful?

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