3 Things to Avoid in Job Interviews

3 Things to Avoid in Job Interviews

When it comes to attending job interviews, looking good is not enough to land you that dream job. Often times, job seekers have blown up their chances of getting a job because of the manner in which they answer interview questions. 

In life, there are things you say that could make or break you. Likewise in job interviews, you could shoot yourself at the leg when answering the interviewer’s questions unaware. With the stiff competition for the vacant role you are applying for, you may not get a second chance. 

A Career Coach, Brad Blanchard; shared 3 things that don’t look good in an interview and how to avoid them. 

  • Avoid saying overly vague answers that don’t answer the question. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. It could put you in a tight corner by getting caught off guard with things that you can’t or don’t know how to answer. This may make you look like you have no clue of role or question before the interviewer. Instead, take a second to compose your thoughts. While preparing your thoughts, try to come up with something specific and relevant to what the interviewer is asking. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. It’s not a crime to ask the interviewer question inasmuch it is in line with what is being asked. An interview session is meant to be interactive. 
  • Don’t play the victim. Don’t complain or act like you have too many troubles in your life. Although it is human to complain about some things, not in an interview session. It is totally unprofessional. The interviewer wants to see a problem solver and not a complainer. Playing a victim might paint you as a negative person.
    They want problem solvers, not problem bringers. When explaining situations, focus on what you did rather than the issues or challenges you face. Don’t complain about your previous employers, the job market, government or anything else, it’s not flattering. You might be sending a message to them. Perhaps, they will see you as someone who will go out and say the same thing about them. Even if you are asked about your relationship with your previous employer, say good things about your previous work and colleagues. Be someone who is going to brighten up the office. 
  • Lack of interest for part of the job. We don’t all like every component of the job, but don’t make it obvious. Every job has its dark side. I read about a Footballer, David Luiz. He said he hates training but he doesn’t have a choice since that’s his chosen profession. Same with Muhammad Ali. Don’t go to interview telling the interviewer you detest a particular aspect of the job. It might be their major challenge or the reason why they are hiring. So telling them you don’t like that part of the job has automatically disqualified you as the right choice for the role. Instead, act like you would be happy to do the work unless you are not interested in the job anymore, then walk away. Hiring managers want to see that you wouldn’t be a runaway hire. 

All of these things will help set you up for success by preventing you from appearing like the wrong choice. 

I wish you success in your job search.

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