MIPS Technologies Gets Android 3.0 – Google Determining Winners and Losers


EETimes reports that MIPS Technologies Inc now has the official source access to Google Android 3.0. Congratulations to MIPS – it simply means that they will get ahead of the competition and come with products on this product before many others. We have noted that through this special treatment, Google is determining winners in the Android ecosystem. When you get it before your competition, you get to the market before them.


MIPS Technologies Inc. said that it has ”official source access” to Google’s Android 3.0, also known as “Honeycomb.”
MIPS Technologies is now porting this newest version of Android to the MIPS’ architecture. This will accelerate development of tablets and Google TV products based on the MIPS architecture.


“This is a big deal and puts to bed any thoughts that MIPS will be excluded from the Android ecosystem,” said Paul McWilliams, editor of technology investment newsletter Next Inning Technology Research. “It also gives MIPS significant leverage since very few semiconductor companies have direct early release access.”

“The Android platform has been a game-changer for MIPS Technologies,” said Art Swift, vice president of marketing and business development, MIPS Technologies, in a statement.

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