4 Easy Ways You can Attract Sales on Twitter

4 Easy Ways You can Attract Sales on Twitter

Thanks to social media, people can reach more clients from different parts of the world. A person doesn’t have to move from house to house in search of sales. Today, you can connect with many clients from the comfort of your home and make lots of profits with less stress.

One of the best social media platforms for marketing and/or finding good clients is Twitter. This bird app, as it is fondly called, has over 300 million active users from different parts of the world. The good thing about this platform is that majority of its subscribers manage their accounts by themselves. This means that if you engage with anybody there, you are most likely chatting with the owner of the handle. In other words, Twitter brings people together and gives them the chance to interact easily without a filter.

Many people felt Twitter is the hardest place to find clients. A lot believe the platform is only there for information dissemination. Well, when people come together to share information, they can also learn about the goods and services provided around them. Remember that newspapers and magazines are also very good avenues for advertising even though their primary purpose is to spread information.

Nevertheless, finding clients on Twitter is a tricky deal. The simple reason for this is that the platform is rowdy and most of the good clients are silent observers; they are not among those that made Twitter loud. To locate these people, attract their attention, and make them reach out to you, you have to consider applying the strategies mentioned below.

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  1. Optimise your profile: This is necessary because your prospects will sneak into your profile to see what you have to offer. As a result, consider bearing a name and adding a clear picture that represents what you sell. If you have a website that showcases your handiwork, please include it there too. Your short bio should summarise your work and personality. Be careful there because your prospects will scrutinise that too. Finally, make sure you have enough activities (tweets, likes, replies, etc.) that will give an insight into your ideology.
  2. Unlock your inbox: Usually, prospects slip into people’s inbox to strike up conversations. Twitter prospects are so tricky that they may not directly tell you they have an interest in your services. This is why you have to continue checking your messages in case there is a request to start a conversation and entertain all of them. Remember to be polite to anyone to send you a direct message, irrespective of how unimportant you think he is. Believe it, most opportunities come in greasy overall; so don’t undermine anyone. But first, go to setting and unlock your inbox so anyone can send you a direct message.
  3. Connect wisely: Most Twitter users think they need plenty of followers before they can meet their prospects. Well, they might be right, especially if they intend to advertise and circulate information. Activists and political propagandists also need plenty of followers because they need the crowd before they could carry out their agenda. However, if you are not into any of the mentioned professions or any other one that needs a crowd, what you need more are not “followers” but “followings”. So, don’t concentrate on accumulating followers but focus on following the right persons. This is why you should study the type of persons that need the services you provide or the goods you sell and then search for them. Hence, go to them; don’t wait till they come to you.
  4. Be visible: This is the tricky part. Being visible and maintaining the status quo requires tact. Different persons have different ways of staying visible and attracting a lot of prospects. Some make funny tweets, whereby they market their products and services when the crowd troops in. Some attract with catchy pictures while others use trending topics. Then some people make threads on personal experiences that will attract the crowd’s sympathy or admiration. The use of trending hashtags can also provide wide visibility. You can equally consider dragging the government, political and religious leaders, tribes, and unaccepted ideologies to attract heated debates from your followers and non-followers. All these tricks are used by advertisers and propagandists. However, the method you choose depends on what you do. If you need few high-brow clients that can afford your services, you may not need to be dramatic like any of the above-mentioned strategies. In this case, intellectually engaging in conversations, especially in your area of expertise, can attract your prospects and keep them lurking behind until they are satisfied and decide to reach out. However, as stated earlier, what you sell determines the method you choose.

Twitter may seem scary to new subscribers because of its rowdiness and harshness. However, it is a great platform for one-on-one communication with people of different classes and statuses. As a result, it is one of the best places you can meet and retain good clients.

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